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INSTeP Lubricator

Priority Artificial Lift introduces its new patent-pending multipurpose lubricator, INSTEP (Innovative Safety Patented). The lubricator is the control center of the plunger lift system. It manipulates the operation of the plunger by means of a catch using inputs from manual operation or an automatic controller. It harnesses the energy of a returning plunger and diverts sales fluids/gases to production storage facilities.

  • Integrated manual/auto catch. Equipment comes standard with everything needed to convert from manual to auto modes. Simply retract the manual handle, remove an NPT plug and make-up to your pressure line.
  • Manual catch mode is intuitive: tighten to close (catch), loosen to release (and to set for auto mode).
  • Safety conscious retaining clamp prevents uncontrolled loosening of cap.
  • No more awkward lifting: all removable components weigh less than 20 lbs. and are designed for ease of handling.
  • Ease of striker block removal. All blocks have features which protrude above the opening of the body.
  • Drain grooves are integral to the design.
  • 1-piece shift rods require no internal spring. Dual, screened, outlets.
  • Sensor port is in-line with lower outlet.
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